The "New Math"

...Why New Burs are Cheaper than Reused Ones!

1. Staff time costs: $1.50 per bur

  • It takes at least 5 minutes for your assistant to clean the bur, put it into the autoclave, and put it into storage.
  • Assuming a wage of $18.00/hour, the cost of these 5 minutes is (5/60) x $18.00 = $1.50

2. Materials & energy costs: $.50 per bur

  • To cover the costs of steel cleaning brush (for carbides) or cleaning block (for diamonds); chemicals; electricity; and sterile bags

3. Slower procedure costs: $25 per bur

  • Assume that a procedure with a used bur takes 5 extra minutes
  • Assuming an average chairside revenue rate of $300/hour, the cost of these 5 minutes is (5/60) x $300 = $25

As you can see, the real cost of a used bur can be up to $27. It’s no wonder a bur connoisseur would never even think about reusing a bur!