Technical Articles

by John A. Molinari

The DEVELOPMENT and AVAILABILITY of an increasing array of disposable items for use in the health professions have accelerated dramatically in recent years. In addition to the long–standing list of disposables such as anesthetic carpules, syringe needles, scalpel blades, cotton rolls, and gauze, applicable examples for dentistry include prophylaxis cups and brushes, matrix bands, dental dams, saliva ejectors, high volume evacuation tips,...

"We reviewed eight brands of straight, fissure carbide burs (557) : BluWhite (Kerr Corp.), Brasseler (Brasseler USA), Henry Schein (Sullivan-Schein), Midwest (Dentsply Professional), Miltex (Miltex, Inc.), NTI (Axis Dental Corp.), SS White (SS White Burs, Inc.), and Tri Hawk (Tri Hawk Corp.). In addition to laboratory testing, we collected input from 407 dentists about these products."
"The transmission of pathogens from one patient to another via contaminated devices has been a high-profile issue in infection control."